Full On Choc Selection | 20 pieces


A chocolate lover’s idea of paradise, our Full on Choc selection is just so hard to resist.  This generous selection of chocolate bakes is the perfect gift for those who love all things choc. You know you want to!



Containing a satisfying array of indulgent chocolatey bites this aptly named Full on Choc selection is perfect for those who love chocolate in all its forms.  Whether you are a lover of rich and decadent chocolate tiffin or have a preference for the crispiness of our chocolate swirl, we believe this selection has it all.

The Full on Choc Selection contains: tiffin, truffle mallow slice, honeynut slice, crispy chocolate swirl, milk chocolate millionaire. There are four pieces of each scrumptious flavour in each pack.

This product selection is our Double Layer option with 20 pieces of delicious cake, but you also have the option of the Single Layer with 10 pieces.