Millionaire’s Delight Selection | 20 pieces


The combination of light shortbread, smooth caramel, topped with a rich Belgian chocolate coating is quite honestly hard to beat. Our Millionaire’s Delight selection will satisfy everyone’s cravings!



Traditional milk chocolate millionaire or the totally moreish coffee and walnut millionaire? The choice is yours but they are not the only options in this gift box of cakey indulgence! Our Millionaire’s Delight selection is a box full of millionaire’s heaven! Containing a selection of generous dark, milk and white chocolate millionaire’s shortbreads we’re finding it hard to decide on our favourite!

The Millionaire’s Delight Selection contains: milk chocolate millionaire, dark chocolate millionaire, white chocolate millionaire, coffee & walnut millionaire, florentine millionaire. Oh yes, and there are four pieces of each flavour in the pack!

This product selection is our Double Layer option with 20 pieces of delicious cake, but there is also the option of the Single Layer with 10 pieces.